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 Welcome to the Gamers Forum

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Gamers Forum   Welcome to the Gamers Forum EmptyMon Jan 18, 2010 10:15 pm

so there are a few rules we need to post that you need to be follow. unfortunately, anyone who can't follow these rules may be banned from joining the conversation.

1. the http://onlinegaming.niceboard.org/forum.htms our privacy policy.

3. we've promised to respect you and we need you to respect others. that means that we will remove any phone number, address or other personally identifying information posted in the bulletin board section if it violates someone's privacy, is harassing or could lead to harassment or is otherwise inappropriate. also, any posting of your own phone number, address or any other personally identifying information is prohibited.

4. offensive material is also prohibited. offensive is a pretty broad term, but we think you know what we mean. (you're going to have to trust our judgment, if you don't.) this includes any messages or material that are ethnically, racially, religiously or sexually offensive, insulting or demeaning. it also includes messages that are harassing or threatening to others. in other words, if you wouldn't like it said about you, don't say it about others. we don't want to be censors, but non-constructive negative comments may be inappropriate.

5. don't discuss any illegal activities. this includes piracy and other forms of intellectual property infringement! the people who work here and spend most of their waking hours trying to find info on great games to post on Online Gaming, get really bummed out when they read that kind of stuff.

6. this board is being put up so we can be social and talk about one of our favorites things - Gaming! It is not intended to help anyone start up a new business. any advertisements, solicitations or promotional materials of a commercial nature are prohibited.

7. we reserve the right to monitor the boards and delete any postings that don't abide to these rules, our standard site terms and conditions and our privacy policy. This includes postings that disrupt or interfere with our technical operations.

8. finally, because we can't think of everything offensive or inappropriate that may be said, we reserve the right to immediately delete any posting or ban any user at our sole discretion. (sorry, but it might be necessary.)

by using this site and its message boards, you signify your assent to Online Gaming's message board rules of conduct. If you do not agree to these rules, please do not use our message boards. we reserve the right to make changes to these rules. If we make a material change to them, we will notify you by posting the change on our web sites or in these rules and, if necessary, give you additional choices regarding such change. please check back from time to time to ensure that you are aware of these changes. Your continued use of our sites will signify your acceptance of these changes.
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Welcome to the Gamers Forum
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